Affiliate Terms

Purpose of the Affiliate Program
The Iron On Transfer Guy Affiliate Program enables affiliates to earn commissions by promoting Iron On Transfer Guy products and services. The main purpose of the program is to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration, allowing affiliates to benefit from their promotional efforts through generous commissions, while Iron On Transfer Guy gains visibility and increases sales through affiliate marketing.

Application, Approval, and Rejection of Affiliates
To apply for the Iron On Transfer Guy Affiliate Program, applicants must complete the form available on this page.

Iron On Transfer Guy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve or reject affiliate applications without necessarily providing a reason for the decision.

Applications may be rejected if the affiliate promotes inappropriate, illegal, or discriminatory content, or if the affiliate’s website fails to meet Iron On Transfer Guy quality requirements.

In the event of application rejection, affiliates may request further clarification or submit a new application after making the necessary changes.

Affiliates will receive a 15% commission on the first purchase made by customers who reach our website through their affiliate link.

Sales are tracked through a cookie that has a 30-day duration. If the customer does not allow cookie tracking or makes a purchase beyond this period, no affiliate commission will be generated.

Furthermore, the cookie is reset after the customer’s first order. This means that if this user returns to the website for a second purchase on their own, no affiliate commission will be generated either. The user must visit the website through the affiliate link again for the commission to be generated.

Commissions are calculated based on the total net purchase amount, excluding taxes and discounts.

In case an order that previously generated a commission is refunded, the corresponding commission will be updated and deducted from the affiliate’s balance.

Renewals of subscription products do not generate commissions.

To ensure orders are eligible for a commission, users who purchase through the affiliate link must not be traceable back to the affiliate or their company in any way.

To request payment of commissions, affiliates must have reached a minimum balance of $10.00 and complete the request form available in the Affiliate Console.

In the form, affiliates must provide their billing details and a valid PayPal address to receive the payment.

Commission payments will be made on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, payments will be processed on the following business day.

Fairness Policy
Iron On Transfer Guy reserves the right to modify the Terms of the Affiliate Program at any time.

Affiliates are responsible for ethically and respectfully promoting Iron On Transfer Guy products.

Affiliates cannot use fraudulent marketing techniques or spam to promote Iron On Transfer Guy products.

Affiliates are not authorized to purchase domains or keywords on search engines that include Iron On Transfer Guy trademarks or variations of them, nor use pay-per-click advertising exploiting such trademarks. Additionally, it is prohibited to create any type of advertising that redirects users to Iron On Transfer Guy website with the affiliate referral ID.

Affiliates are not authorized to share or distribute referral links generated by the Iron On Transfer Guy Affiliate Program on commercial websites, such as those dedicated to coupons (e.g. Saver, Greenpromocode.com, CreativeBin, etc.).

Any fraudulent behavior or abuse of the Affiliate Program will result in the immediate suspension of the affiliate profile and the revocation of unpaid commissions.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, affiliates confirm that they have fully read, understood, and accepted all the above points.

For any inquiries, affiliates can always contact us from this page.



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