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What is your cost of outsourcing printed workwear?
As professional t-shirt printers, there is a good chance we can answer that for you, however, prices vary considerably in today’s market. There is no fixed price for what a printing company would value its services at. Some are expensive and some are cheap. But, there is one thing they all have in common, and that is the process in which to print your garments. Whether Screen Print, DTG (Direct to Garment) or Vinyl Print and Cut, we all do it the same way. Now, whilst some processes are a little more technical or are a little slower, the labour content is the biggest cost when assessing quotations for potential clients. At least 50% of what you pay is contributed towards labour. There is also a markup for garment blanks and print material. Here is the deal-breaker, you could be doing it yourself.

Most if not all of the professional skill element required when printing t-shirts or other garments are within the setup or creation of artwork, specific skills are required for this, but take a fraction of the time involved in the overall printing process. Many companies will charge extra for providing this service, and the service is priced accordingly, and often as a separate fee. The actual application of printing your garments is a very simple process which has no real skill basis and can be adopted by pretty much anybody straight off the street, with the exception to screen printing, this does require a trained operative.

So, how? is the question.
Quite simply by doing the application yourself via purchasing the same high-quality print material used by all the commercial printing companies that you may have used in the past, in the form of print and cut PU vinyl iron-on transfers. this would only require you to follow simple instructions with the adoption of an ordinary domestic clothes iron. If you have interns or apprentices, then this is a job for them. You could go one step further and invest in a cheap heat press to speed up the process a little.

Big Savings
If you just apply transfers to 20 of your own garments, it is likely that your outlay would be a saving of 50%, paying for a cheap heat press or domestic iron would be back in your pocket very soon. Further savings thereafter will be very advantageous to your profit and loss ledger at the end of the year. Purchasing garments at wholesale prices is not a problem these days, most companies will sell you wholesale t-shirts and garments for minimum quantities of 30+. Alternatively, eBay has many sellers providing t-shirts and other garments at almost wholesale prices. And, depending on your quantity requirements, there is always Target or Kmart.

Our Business Savers Scheme
If you feel that this service can be advantageous to your ongoing business, please contact us or call us on 02 956 81275 to discuss your requirements, let’s see how we can help you achieve low cost, high quality and high savings for your 2020 workwear budget.

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