Fabulous Glitter Transfer Birthday Anniversary


High-Quality Iron On Fabulous Birthday Anniversary Glitter Transfer for Light or Dark Fabric.

Ages: 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 or any other age you prefer.

Real Glitter Iron on Transfer Silver, Gold, Pink, Red, Black, Royal Blue.

Transfer size: 28 x 20cms.

Gold Glitter
Silver Glitter
Pink Glitter
Red Glitter
Green Glitter
Black Glitter
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Produced from high-quality CAD-CUT PU Glitter Vinyl (NOT Plastisol Paper Transfer) that feels like glitter and not a plastic surface, it’s a very tough and durable Iron On Transfer that can be easily pressed onto any polyester/cotton or cotton garment with ease using a standard home iron. Glitter does not flake off the transfer after washing.

Can also be ironed onto cushions, bags or any other material based items, but not Nylon material based products.


  1. High-Quality CAD-CUT PU Vinyl Glitter transfer on a transparent plastic sticky backing application sheet.

  2. Protection Paper of equal size (This is baking paper that can be used to protect transfer when ironing over).

  3. Small Practice Sample Transfer to test application process prior to applying onto your garment (Use on an old t-shirt or other similar material to test).

  4. Application Instructions.


This glitter vinyl can withstand a warm washing machine wash cycle and can be tumble dried for short periods. DO  NOT iron directly over the transfer, if you want to iron the garment, simply use your baking paper over the transfer then iron over it and this will take out any creases and make it look like new again. IMPORTANT: Always turn garment inside out when washing.

Choose Age

18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, Other

Choose Custom Glitter Colour

Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Pink Glitter, Red Glitter, Green Glitter, Black Glitter


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