Kids Iron On Glitter Transfer Cursive Ages 1 to 6


Flakeless Gold / Silver / Red / Green Glitter Cursive Text Ages One to Six

Transfers come in various sizes to fit relevant aged garments (see product image for approximate transfer sizes).


Flakeless Gold / Silver / Red / Pink Glitter Cursive Text Ages One to Six

Transfers come in various sizes to fit relevant aged garments (see product image for approximate transfer sizes).
  1. High-Quality Pro Cut Glitter Transfer on a transparent plastic sticky backing application sheet. 
  2. Protection Paper of equal size (This is baking paper that can be used to protect transfer when ironing over).
  3. Small Practice Sample Transfer to test application process prior to applying onto your garment (Use on an old t-shirt or other similar material to test)
  4. Application Instructions
These transfers are produced from high-quality CAD-CUT PU Vinyl (NOT Plastisol Paper Transfer) which is a very tough and durable Iron On Transfer that can be easily pressed onto any polyester/cotton or cotton garment with ease using a standard home iron.

When you receive your transfer/s, you will notice there is some glitter residue on the plastic sticky backing sheet, this will not transfer onto your garment/material, so simply ignore it.

To start, place your garment onto a hard flat surface such as a laminated kitchen work surface, set your iron to its  highest level making sure there is no water in your iron, place the transfer shiny surface face up and glitter letters face down so it reads correctly, where you want it on the garment, then cover the transfer and garment with a sheet of common baking paper (NOT GREASE-PROOF PAPER) and then  place the iron on the paper holding it still with two hands applying  reasonably heavy pressure on each section of the transfer for 20 seconds (DO NOT MOVE THE  IRON AS IF YOU ARE IRONING SOMETHING) just hold it still counting to 20 seconds ie 1000, 2000, 3000 etc, do this until you have evenly covered the entire transfer area. When  transfer paper is cold to touch, remove the baking paper and the transfers plastic backing sheet peeling in a slow diagonal motion, then replace baking paper and Iron over the same areas again for a further 10 seconds and VOILA!! your glitter transfer will be firmly secured to your garment. If any of the transfer has not adhered whilst removing the backing sheet then re-do the process.


TIP: This process is best suited to garments and other products that can be laid flat and do not have any high spots, or bumps that you can feel whilst running your hand over the material when laid flat. If applying this process to the  back of a Polo Shirt or a Footy Shirt that has buttons or an embroidered  logo on the front, it is best to use a ironing board to feed the garment  onto, the ironing board has to have a hard flat surface so recommend you use a clean kitchen food cutting board of sufficient size placed onto ironing board, if your ironing board is not stable enough to apply pressure onto, then you may have to ask someone to secure the board whilst applying your transfer. You can also try just using the food cutting board fed between the garments front and back layers without using the ironing board which may work just as well.
This glitter vinyl can withstand a warm washing machine wash cycle and can be tumble dried for short periods.
DO NOT iron directly over the transfer, if you want to iron the garment, simply use your baking paper over the transfer then iron over it and this will take out any creases and make it look like new again.
IMPORTANT: Always turn garment inside out when washing.

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